New Soapstone Colors ... Noire & Verde Minas

Introducing two new soapstones that are making a making quite an impression! 

Noire Soapstone - This soapstone is very dark Black with some minimal White veining. This stone is also harder than some of our more traditional stones such as our ever so popular Minas Soapstone. Clients are raving about this stone and in our Austin location we sold out in the first week! But don't worry we have more! 
Noire Soapstone
Noire Soapstone - Natural / 1/2 oiled 
Verde Minas Soapstone - This soapstone is a RICH Emerald Green color with some settle movements through out it. This stone is also fairly hard. Clients love this stone because the color is so rich & deep! 
Verde Minas Soapstone
Verde Minas Soapstone - Natural / 1/2 oiled
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