Antonelli's Cheese... "A Friendly Neighborhood Place That Celebrates Cheese" - Austin, Tx

We met Owners, John and Kendall Antonelli towards the end of 2009 when they walked into our shop looking for Soapstone Countertops for their new Cheese Shop in Hyde Park. If you unfamiliar with Antonelli's Cheese - it is "A Friendly Neighborhood Place That Celebrates Cheese". They showcase artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, craft beer, wine, and other delectable pairings like chocolates, nuts, honey, vinegars & oils, and olives. 
One of the main focal points in the shop (other than the cheese, an educated Cheesemonger & red walls) is the soft black matte finished Dorado Soapstone countertops. 
The soapstone not only serves as a visually beautiful countertop but its durability is ideal for a commercial kitchen or food shop. Soapstone is naturally nonporous & antimicrobial ... which means John & Kendal do not need to worry about bacteria harboring into the surface and know it is 100% food safe for as long as they have the counter. 
Soapstone also does not require a sealer so over time the sealer will not break down and need to be resealed. Again, John & Kendall do not need to worry about disturbing their business to have their countertops resealed and can just concentrate on their passion of selling cheese! 
The next time you are in the Austin head to 4220 Duval St. in the Hyde Park neighborhood ... and swing by Antonelli's. The service is excellent and the price is competitive. Make sure to take advantage of their try before you buy policy and ENJOY! 
For more information about Dorado Soapstone or Antonell's Cheese please visit the webistie! DoradoStone Distributors or Antonelli's Cheese