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Happy Labor Day. 
Drink Responsibly. Recycle Responsibly. 


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What is Elements by Durcon?

What is Elements?

Elements is a truly unique surface unlike any other option available today. This new eco-friendly surfaces material is a fusion of pure, fine natural quartz and post-consumer recycled glass formed through a unique manufacturing process. The innovative, breakthrough material provides today's consumer an environmentally-friendly countertop surface with superior strength, durability and performance-engineered to last a lifetime.

Elements is the most versatile product on the market today. No other surface can match the combination of all these benefits.
    • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable
    • Non-porous
    • Heat, bacteria and stain resistant
    • Scratch resistant
    • Most durable surface on the market
    • Easy to maintain
    • No Sealing Required
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Safe for food contact
    • Made in the USA - Taylor, Tx

Copper                           Wheat                            Sahara  

 Mist                              Linen                              Flint   

   Shoreline                            Slate                             Steel           


Designed for the way you live – setting a new standard for surfaces.
Elements is an eco-friendly, monolithic, non-porous material that is extremely resistant to heat, scratches and stains from food, juices, wine, coffee, tea, and even nail polish. This new countertop surface, virtually indestructible and maintenance free, is ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas. Satisfying stringent health and safety codes, Elements is NSF 51 certified for food contact and is low-VOC emitting as certified by Greenguard.

Eco-friendly – Naturally inspired

Elements is formulated to stand up to the harshest environment. At Durcon, the company behind Elements, we understand today’s consumers are concerned about the future of our planet and reducing their carbon footprint. To help address those concerns while providing an aesthetically desirable product, we have developed a new surfaces material we believe is ideal for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative.
Developed from a proprietary blend of post-consumer recycled glass (ie. clear beer bottles), natural quartz minerals and resin, the material is solid, non-porous, never requires sealing, and is homogenous in consistency. Its unique manufacturing process produces an incredibly durable, eco-friendly countertop surface proven through time. And, Elements is certified by Greenguard, as a very low-VOC emitting material.
For consumers, designers, remodelers and fabricators wanting to leave a “green” mark, Elements is the ideal choice over the more conventional countertop surfaces on the market.

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New Soapstone Colors ... Noire & Verde Minas

Introducing two new soapstones that are making a making quite an impression! 

Noire Soapstone - This soapstone is very dark Black with some minimal White veining. This stone is also harder than some of our more traditional stones such as our ever so popular Minas Soapstone. Clients are raving about this stone and in our Austin location we sold out in the first week! But don't worry we have more! 
Noire Soapstone
Noire Soapstone - Natural / 1/2 oiled 
Verde Minas Soapstone - This soapstone is a RICH Emerald Green color with some settle movements through out it. This stone is also fairly hard. Clients love this stone because the color is so rich & deep! 
Verde Minas Soapstone
Verde Minas Soapstone - Natural / 1/2 oiled
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Antonelli's Cheese... "A Friendly Neighborhood Place That Celebrates Cheese" - Austin, Tx

We met Owners, John and Kendall Antonelli towards the end of 2009 when they walked into our shop looking for Soapstone Countertops for their new Cheese Shop in Hyde Park. If you unfamiliar with Antonelli's Cheese - it is "A Friendly Neighborhood Place That Celebrates Cheese". They showcase artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, craft beer, wine, and other delectable pairings like chocolates, nuts, honey, vinegars & oils, and olives. 
One of the main focal points in the shop (other than the cheese, an educated Cheesemonger & red walls) is the soft black matte finished Dorado Soapstone countertops. 
The soapstone not only serves as a visually beautiful countertop but its durability is ideal for a commercial kitchen or food shop. Soapstone is naturally nonporous & antimicrobial ... which means John & Kendal do not need to worry about bacteria harboring into the surface and know it is 100% food safe for as long as they have the counter. 
Soapstone also does not require a sealer so over time the sealer will not break down and need to be resealed. Again, John & Kendall do not need to worry about disturbing their business to have their countertops resealed and can just concentrate on their passion of selling cheese! 
The next time you are in the Austin head to 4220 Duval St. in the Hyde Park neighborhood ... and swing by Antonelli's. The service is excellent and the price is competitive. Make sure to take advantage of their try before you buy policy and ENJOY! 
For more information about Dorado Soapstone or Antonell's Cheese please visit the webistie! DoradoStone Distributors or Antonelli's Cheese


Recycled Skyy® Vodka Bottles Emulate Water at the Parkway Hills Baptist Church.

Project: Parkway Hills Baptist Church Children's Area 
Architect: HH Architects, Dallas, Texas

Who would ever thought that "a festive evening with friends sampling savory treats and drinking top-shelf spirits poured from a lovely cobalt blue Skyy® Vodka bottle" would become the Parkway Hills Baptist Church Children's Area centerpiece? An innovated, passionate glass scientist in Berkley, CA did. More than 15 years ago he was the first to create a 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass countertop called Vetrazzo®.   
The inspiration for  Children's Area at Parkway Hills Baptist Church was the salt water fish tank which was existing and was the idea for the "water" theme. The vision behind the design of the Check-In Desk was "stimulation" and "interactive". Using one of Vetrazzo's signature color, Colbalt Blue Skyy®; made from ACTUAL Skyy® Vodka bottles was a perfect color to emulate blue water. 
The primary color "windows" on the face of the desk are at child height so the children can touch them and reach inside them.  The fish tank adds visual interest,  and "thinking" and "seeing" stimulation. HH Architects & Nan Gammon thought the Vetrazzo counter added visual stimulation and of course color to the desk. 
Enviably, Parkway Hills Baptist Church was on budget but it was interesting when interior designer Nan told us "although we went through a number of value engineering exercises with this client, cutting the Vetrazzo counter was never approved.  The client agreed that it was the centerpiece of the Check-In Desk, and they liked that it was recycled glass".  

Project Credits  
  HH Architects: Principal -Jerry L. Halcomb
  Project Manager - Tom Willis
  Interior Designer - Nan Gammon
  Construction Administrator - Dale Smith 
  GC: Beck Group/Principal Robert Hodges 
  Project Manager - Elliot Bevers

For more information about Dorado Soapstone or HH Architects please visit the webistie! 

Elements by Durcon® ... a NEW Partnership.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Durcon Inc.®. Dorado Stone Distributors is the Authorized Distributor of Elements by Durcon®.
Elements is a scientifically engineered material - a fusion of pure, fine natural quartz and post-consumer recycled glass. The company's scientific breakthrough has resulted in the creation of a highly polished, luxurious and sustainable surface - virtually indestructible. This unique eco-friendly surface delivers the best of all worlds setting a new standard for kitchen and bath environments. Elements is ideally suited as the material finish of choice for kitchen and bath countertops and vanities. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful but  ... it is MADE IN TEXAS.
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Easy to Maintain
    • Scratch Resistant 
    • Heat, Bacteria & Stain Resistant
    • Non-Porous
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • No Sealing Required
    • Safe for Food Contact
    • Made in Taylor, TX 
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