Soapstone: From the Port to your Home

Soapstone en route to Texas! Only 4-6 weeks until these beautiful soapstone slabs of PA Original make their way from Fortaleza Port in Brazil to Dallas and Austin!


NuStone Quartz!

NuStone Quartz, manufactured using the most advanced techniques available, is made from 93% natural quartz aggregates and high-quality polymer resins and pigments. Each slab is made from a unique and proprietary formula assuring the best and cleanest mixture, creating an aesthetic and durability unparalleled by other quartz surfaces.  NuStone Quartz is made blending a multitude of colors and varied grain sizes, creating a rich and complex natural stone appearance that inspires creative designs and influences trends.

NuStone is a versatile and attractive product used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, including high traffic and heavy use areas.   NuStone can be used as kitchen counter tops, vanities, bar tops, table tops, Wainscots, shower and tub surrounds, interior cladding and other innovative vertical & horizontal designs.

NuStone is made almost entirely of quartz, which is one of nature’s strongest minerals, making NuStone highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat, up to 300F. Compared to other products on the market, NuStone has 4 times the flexural strength and twice the impact resistance of marble or granite. NuStone is a nonporous surfaces that never requires sealing, making for a worry-free, low maintenance counter.   

Due to its durability, NuStone is a very easy product to maintain.  For most spots and spills use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and mild detergent or soap.    Non-abrasive household cleaners such as bleach, soft scrub or 409 can be used to treat stubborn marks.   Avoid using harsh abrasives such as Comet, steel wool or Brillo Pads as it may result in a dulled finish.

Slab dimensions
NuStone Quartz slab dimensions are 126” x 59”.  Standard thicknesses are 2cm & 3cm. It comes in a Polished Finish.

To obtain more information about NuStone Quartz surfaces, including samples and pricing information, please visit our website at www.nustonequartz.com or find an authorized dealer near you.
Feel free to come in to our Austin or Dallas showroom to view this beautiful, durable product in person!


Furnishing Vision

Welcome, Kelly Moss, to the furnishing vision team! Kelly will be leading our Residential Sales and Design portfolio! Keep your eye on our sites for the latest in residential trends and products. We have some exciting new products.....
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Beautiful New Samples of Sardegna Marmi Have Arrived!

Soft shapes and luxurious ambiences. Marble reveals a new soul in the markings perfectly etched on its surface: zebra, crocodile and serpent evoke exotic climes. Sardinian stone is reborn, rediscovers its history and sets a trend: design language recounting an unforeseen personality each time. Unusual shapes, surprising combinations, unexpected forms of workmanship and tactile effects: the Sardegna Marmi Design collections enhance the materials and enliven exteriors and interiors as expressions of style and unpredictability.

Pictured below is a sample of Snake Orosei Marble from the Glamour Collection. 
To see samples of this beautiful product in person, stop by our showroom.
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Thinking about an outdoor kitchen? Find out more about beautiful materials suited to outdoor applications.

With summer’s imminent arrival, there’s no better time to think about creating a beautiful, functional outdoor space for grilling, relaxing, and cooking outdoors. Naturally, not all materials are going to hold up as well when exposed to the elements as they would indoors. While marble and granite are prone to etching when exposed to acidic rain, and  Luckily, there are several surfacing materials that will hold up extremely well for exterior countertops.
1.  Soapstone- Natural, beautiful, durable
Soapstone’s non-porous, non-reactive surface makes it highly resistant to staining or etching and since soapstone does not need to be sealed, there is no need to worry about the chemical sealer breaking down over time. Soapstone will not harbor bacteria, nor will it react with acidic substances. It is both heat- and cold- resistant, and can be subjected to great fluctuation in temperatures without any risk of cracking or scorching. The stone will develop a rich, dark patina over time, though you can always oil or wax your stone to enhance the colour and bring out the veins.
2. Vetrazzo- Eco-friendly, made of 100% Recycled Glass
Vetrazzo is another material been primed for exterior applications such as patios, pool surrounds, and outdoor kitchens. It is highly stain-, scratch- and scorch-resistant. The colours of the glass shards will not fade or change with exposure to UV, which means that Vetrazzo will retain its beauty year after year. Like granite and most other natural stone, it will require periodic re-sealing to reduce the risk of etching.
3. JadeStone- a new and exciting porcelain-like countertop
JadeStone, a new and exciting product on the surfacing market, makes an outstanding outdoor countertop that is nearly impossible to scratch, stain proof, heat proof up to 2,000 degrees and is unaffected by UV rays. It is completely non-porous and requires no sealer, won’t stain and is completely moisture and bacteria resistant.

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New soapstone slabs in Dallas and Austin!

We have new slabs of Bruzios and Minas soapstone that have arrived at our Austin and Dallas showrooms! Stop in to take a look at this gorgeous new material in person. 

Pictured above is a close up of the surface of our Bruzios soapstone, which darkens to a deep, rich green with the application of mineral oil. 
Pictured below is our Minas Soapstone, which embodies the classic soapstone look with a matt black surface and white veins

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New Location In Dallas

We're excited to announce our new Dallas location! 

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