Soapstone Sinks

Soapstone sinks have been used for hundreds of years! We have recently discovered several soapstone sinks around the New England area that were built in 1900's. All of these soapstone sinks are still in use and many owners have incorporated their soapstone sinks into their kitchen remodel. We often get asked "how durable is soapstone?" These sinks are over 100 years old. Pretty durable, huh? 

We were able to sit down and talk to homeowner Neil Cella who still has his grandmother's soapstone sink. After 50+ years Neil still remembers using the sink when he was a boy. He told us "I remember everyone getting together for the holidays and my grandmother always made us go to the soapstone kitchen sink and wash our hands before we sat down to eat Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. These were great memories and I am glad I got to keep the sink! I just love it and can't wait for my grandkids to use it!" 

Soapstone sinks are available in several different models and styles. For a homeowner who has a particular style in mind they can customize any sink as well! Some of the most popular styles are the farm house double bowl, custom hand carved apron fronts or under-mount single bowls

Soapstone sinks age beautifully and never go out of style. Soapstone's durability speaks for it self and its natural beautiful color goes with any design. Therefore you never have to worry about it being a fad or the style changing. It is truely timeless.

Custom Triple Bowl Apron Front Sink
Transitional Undermount Sink  
Custom Multilevel Double Bowl
Apron Front Sink in Construction