Dorado Soapstone Masonry Heaters

Dorado Soapstone Masonry eater Install in Ridgeway, Colorado. This Custom Vitoria Masonry heater has a bake oven and a hot water system that ties into their in floor radiant heat, heats 2,400 sq.ft. 
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Custom Masonry Vitoria Heater
All Dorado Masonary Heaters are custom made. The two tpes of Soapstone is used. The green is from India and the black is from the US

A masonry heater from Dorado Soapstone is the most comfortable, efficient and effective way to heat your home using wood for your fuel source. Though soapstone is a soft rock, it is not porous and has a solid structure that has amazing heat-retention properties. The practice of heating stone for its warmth retention qualities has been known for thousands of years. Stretching back to ancient times, man used heated stones to keep warm and to cook food. Now, Dorado Soapstone combines this long-known practice with state of the art engineering, technology and design to bring you the finest heating source in the world… a soapstone masonry heater.

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