What Is Vetrazzo Made Up Of?

Vetrazzo. Recycled Glass... Brilliantly Transformed. 

Vetrazzo is one of the most eco-friendly surfacing option on the market today. Vetrazzo slabs are made of 100% post consumer recycled glass and is set in a cement binder, not a petroleum resin binder. As you can see below Vetrazzo is made from Skyy Vodka bottles, art glass production overruns, red gobbles, wine & beer bottles and clear bottle glass. Other unusual sources include window shields, shower doors and salvages windows.  


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Dorado Still Bringing You The Best & Most Unique Products!

The company that you all have come to know and love, Dorado Stone Distributors has recently changed it's name to Latera Architectural Surfaces.   

Latera Architectural Surfaces will still provide all of your favorite products, including Dorado Soapstone & Vetrazzo Recycled Glass as well as carry several new additions; KarmaStone, JadeStone, PaperStone, Elements by Durcon and Tough Tops.  We are truly happy to better serve you with a wider and more complete range of products that will not only fill the niche of unique products but will also be your resource for Ecologically and Environmentally friendly products as well.

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Dorado Soapstone

Soapstone is a non-porous stone that has been used for counter tops for over 100 years. Its durability and sophisticated look make Soapstone a premier counter top option. Soapstone is the only non-porous natural stone that can be found on the market.  That means, no more chemical sealers, no more ongoing maintenance and no more worrying about those dishes and wine glasses you left on your counter tops the night before.

The benefits of Soapstone are numerous and by understanding them, you will understand why so many people continually turn to Soapstone as their preferred counter top option.   Soapstone is a very dense Stone.  In fact, Soapstone is about 20% – 30% more dense then Granite or Marble.   This is very important when it comes to how your Soapstone Counters will react in your kitchen. Because of its density,it is completely non-porous, making it an impenetrable stone that won’t stain or etch.  Additionally, Soapstone is completely impervious to heat.  In fact, Soapstone has been widely used in chemistry labs and in masonry heaters because it can withstand temperature up to 1900 degrees.  Hot pots and pans directly off the stove won’t hurt your Soapstone countertops in the slightest.

People always have a lot of questions about Soapstone colors and how many Soapstone colors there are to choose from.  Soapstone counter tops offer a deep and rich color palette.  Soapstone colors range between light grey, dark grey, black and green.   Although Soapstone colors are somewhat limited in comparison to Marble or Granite, Soapstone is offered in the essential colors for sophisticated and timeless styles.  Black soapstone, or Minas Soapstone, is an essential counter top color.  With a deep rich black background and vibrant white quartz veins coursing throughout the face of the stone, one will immediately understand why this is such a popular stone.
The use of mineral oil or dry wax has traditionally been used to darken and enhance the color of the Soapstone.  Mineral Oil or Dorado Dry wax are not recommended to protect the Soapstone Counters, it doesn’t need to be protected since its non-porous and naturally protects itself.  It is merely a tool to help enrich the color of your Soapstone counter and help expedite the patina process.
How much does Soapstone Cost? The price of Soapstone is comparable to other natural stones on the market.  The cost of your Soapstone counter tops may vary depending on Soapstone color, project location and other particularities of your kitchen. For pricing, please contact Latera to be directed to one of our many qualified Soapstone Fabricators.  Latera Architectural Surfaces has an exclusive network of certified Soapstone fabricators to choose from, and will help put you in contact with the right soapstone fabricator for your project.

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Why You Should Be Interested In Porcelain Countertops!

JadeStone, Latera’s Newest Product is a Natural fusion of of Jade, Quartz and Kaolin. JadeStone does not contain any polyester or petroleum based resins.  JadeStone won’t scratch, stain and is completely moisture resistant.  JadeStone comes in 2cm and 3cm and can be used for interior use and exterior use. Exclusively distributed by Latera. 
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Tough Tops is an affordable, durable, industrial-grade work surface and are optimal countertop for any residential and commercial area. It is an epoxy base material. Tough tops are smooth, have a matte finish and are easy to clean and maintain.

The material is made from the same material as the black laboratory tops. They’re an the perfect surface for garages, work surfaces, mud closets, closets, laundry rooms, children's play areas and more. 

Tough Top is durable, non-pourous, man-made product that are unaffected by almost anything; including chemicals, heat, flame and moisture. These super-tough surfaces' physical properties are seldom compromised; however, they do require some periodic care and maintenance in order to keep the surface looking like new. 

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Classic Soapstone

SOAPSTONE ... Doesn't Get Much Better! 

DORADO SOAPSTONE: Soapstone is commonly used in science labs, however recently it’s beautifying homes, bars & restaurants everywhere. Soapstone is a very dense, natural stone made of compressed talc, magnesium and other minerals. It’s the only non-porous natural stone on the market; which means it will not stain, will not harbor bacteria and NEVER need to be sealed! Soapstone is heat resistant as well. Soapstone is so impervious celebrity chef Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri can’t stop talking about it! 


Elements By Durcon

Love this Elements by Durcon kitchen! Plus, Elements is made from recycled glass in Texas! How cool is that?

ELEMENTS BY DURCON: Elements is a eco-friendly surfaces is a fusion of post-consumer recycled glass, natural quartz minerals and resin. The innovative, breakthrough material provides today’s consumer an environmentally-friendly countertop surface with superior strength, durability and performance-engineered to last a lifetime.Elements in made outside of Austin, TX and is ideal for LEED qualifying projects. 

Elements By Durcon has been featured in the popular HGTV Property Brother's TV Show. 

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Paper Stone Design Collection

PaperStone Design Collection is now available in Pewter and Almond.

Designers and architects have asked for it for years, and it’s finally here. PaperStone released The Design Collection, with their first two light colors, Pewter and Almond. With a color palette that has been on the darker side up until now, these new light colors will offer greater design flexibility for all your residential and commercial specifying, for vertical surfaces as well as for countertops. Please contact us directly for samples. 

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PaperStone Colors

PaperStone® is innovative and cost competitive. It’s a beautiful, heavy-duty composite known for its environmental sustainability, contemporary appearance and remarkable warmth to touch. PaperStone® is durable and recommended for residential kitchens, baths and many commercial uses. PaperStone® is NSF certified and is excellent as a restaurant food preparation surface. It is manufactured in the USA and is made from 50 to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is petroleum-free resin.


Gun Metal




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Jade Stone

There is no other man-made product on the market that is 100% natural, nearly impossible to scratch, stain proof (no sealers), heat proof up to 2,000 degrees, won't fade and requires no maintenance. 
 This manufactured stone is made from Jade, Quartz, Kaolin clay and pigment powders fused and crystallized together under extreme heat. Jade Stone does not contain any polyester or petroleum based resins and therefore can be used indoors and outdoors.