20 Soapstone Inspirations: Soapstone Colors

Inspired by The Granite Gurus... here are 20 pictures of Soapstone to inspire you to use it on your next project. 
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Whisky Rocks

You've seen them around, you've heard about them but WHAT EXACTLY are Whisky Rocks

These innovated gray cubes other wise known as Whisky Rocks (Whisky Stone or Scotch Rocks) are essentially ice cubes that will not water down your drink. So what are they made of? Soapstone! Traditionally, used as countertop tops in kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops and chemistry labs; Soapstone is the ONLY nonporous, odorless, tasteless and a natural food safe stone used in the home. 
Due to the high density of the material, soapstone retains temperature so they are great chilled in your freezer or heated up in your microwave. Not only are Whisky Rocks reusable but they will not scratch your top shelf barware either. 

More more information check out http://www.doradostonedist.com/shop/ 


A European Tradition ... HENRI'S

Henri's is the NEWEST place to be in 78704. Henri's is a cheese, charcuterie, specialty grocery and sandwich shop during the day, and transforms to an energetic wine and beer lounge in the evening. http://www.henrischeese.com/
Drawing inspiration from Europeans neighborhood wine, cheese shops and local bistros, Owner Andy Means and Sommelier Will Angst strived to create a warm and inviting place to experience a thoughtful selection of food and wine. 

Architect Elizabeth Baird brought this vision to life by keeping true to clean lines. Interesting and simple finishes such as Edison Light Bulb Fixtures, Minas Black Soapstone and Lime Stone are a few gems that make Henri's so welcoming.

The overall design is modern, with minimal design pieces and tons of natural light. However, it still maintains a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, and most importantly, foster the warmth that happens when good people, good food, and good wine have a  place to be celebrated together. 

Henri's is more than a casual wine bar with great chess & charcuterie though, Henri's offers private wine and cheese tastings, classes, and dinners to introduce customers to new and interesting wines, cheeses, and local slow food producers. If you are EVER in South Austin or 78704 as local refer to it ... make sure to stop by and make your self at HOME.