Whisky Rocks

You've seen them around, you've heard about them but WHAT EXACTLY are Whisky Rocks

These innovated gray cubes other wise known as Whisky Rocks (Whisky Stone or Scotch Rocks) are essentially ice cubes that will not water down your drink. So what are they made of? Soapstone! Traditionally, used as countertop tops in kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops and chemistry labs; Soapstone is the ONLY nonporous, odorless, tasteless and a natural food safe stone used in the home. 
Due to the high density of the material, soapstone retains temperature so they are great chilled in your freezer or heated up in your microwave. Not only are Whisky Rocks reusable but they will not scratch your top shelf barware either. 

More more information check out http://www.doradostonedist.com/shop/