A Complete Video Collection About Soapstone & How Take Care Of It

A Introduction to Soapstone
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Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed of compressed talc, magnesium and other minerals Soapstone is a naturally quarried stone that is found in various locations around the world. Soapstone is a dense, non-porous material, which has a naturally luxurious quality that compliments all architectural designs or styles. Each piece of soapstone varies in its colors, movements and veining depending on the location it was quarried from in Brazil.

Traditional Black Soapstone
The Stain Test. How Counter tops Compare
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Unlike all other natural stones, you DO NOT seal Soapstone because it is nonporous. Because it is completely nonporous lemons will not etch it, red wine will not satin it and cleaning products will not discolor it. Soapstone is often found in chemistry labs because it can not be damaged and the MOST durable natural stone on the market!!!

The only care for soapstone is an optional application of mineral oil or wax; which is used for aesthetic purposes only. It enhances the color or darkens the stone and if desired evens out the stone’s natural patina. 
Never having to seal Soapstone allows it to be used in its natural finish. Another unique advantage to this non-porous material is that it is a hygienic surface. Soapstone is completely food-safe and will not harbor any bacteria growth. Extreme heat or cold will not hurt soapstone or discolor the stone either; which makes Soapstone a great surface for outdoors!

Unlike Most Countertops Lemons, Red Wine, Tomatoes or Harsh Chemicals
Will NOT Etch or Damage Your Counter Tops

Mineral Oiling Your Soapstone.mp4
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If you choose to darken your Soapstone we recommend Dorado Soapstone Dry Wax or 100% mineral oil. Both will give you the same look and are 100% food safe! The only difference between the two products is the mineral oil has to be applied more frequently in the beginning because it evaporates more quickly than the dry wax. The dry wax is made of carnauba wax, walnut oil and beeswax. 
1/2 Olied - 1/2 Natural

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