Holiday Soapstone Gifts

The Holidays are here ... and need some gift ideas?

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks, BBQ Griddles, Wine Holders or Cooking Pots make the perfect gift for coworkers, friends or family.

Organic All-Natural Soapstone Griddle

The Soapstone Griddle is a natural, non-stick, energy-saving way to a better tasting life. Unlike a gas or electric griddle, the stone griddle absorbs energy and distributes it evenly in the form heat for faster cooking food. It provides a flame barrier to that allows the flavors of whatever is cooking to bloom into a culinary masterpiece without being disturbed. The griddle comes with a smooth side that is best for cooking pizza or pancakes and a grooved side for grilling of steaks and chicken.


Whisky Rocks
Whiskey Rocks give a new meaning to “on the rocks.” Serve top-shelf liquor in way that gives guests a chill. Made from recycled soapstone, this modern-day version of the ice cube cools any small volume drink without the melted water. Simply freeze and pop them into whiskey, scotch, liquor and even wine. These sophisticated rocks chill the drink without diluting the taste.

Coffee or tea losing it's heat too quickly? Pop one or two rocks into the microwave, drop them in your mug, and enjoy your heated drink for longer.
Our rocks won't scratch your barware either - our cubes have no sharp edges.
The larger stones in this set chill your drink about 25 degrees (using 2 stones). Results vary depending on volume and starting room temperature.

Soapstone is the only non-porous, odorless, tasteless, and a natural food-safe stone used in the home. Due to the high density of the material, soapstone retains temperature better than stones like granite or marble, so you can expect a sustained chill or heat. Soapstone is non-reactive to most common household cleaners and is dishwasher safe.


Soapstone Wine Coasters - Scoop
This handmade soapstone coaster are made from 100% soapstone. It is stain proof, heat proof, and fade proof. It also protects against scratches and prevents water marks. The Scoop's sleek design will add a modern touch to any room decor. We also have custom graving available (please call for more details). 

Oven-to-Table Entertainment Platter
The Oven-to-Table Entertainment Platter is hand-crafted in USA and made from recycled soapstone. Its sophisticated design takes full advantage of the soapstone properties. The appetizer plate can be easily heated or chilled to maintain food at the perfect temperatures. Simply place the appetizer plate in the freezer to keep hors d'oeuvres chilled or stick it in the oven to keep food warm. Each plate is unique in itself with color and veining patterns. The Oven-to-Table Entertainment Platter is a beautiful addition to any party or family gathering.  

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