Whole Foods - Coffee & Tea Bar - Austin, Tx

Whole Foods - Coffee & Tea Bar - Austin, Tx

Who does't LOVE Whole Foods Market & Coffee? That's why we were more than thrilled when Vetrazzo was specified for the Coffee & Tea Bar in Whole Foods Market World Headquarters in Austin, Tx. Vetrazzo a 100% post consumer recycled glass counter top material was the perfect material for the project; not only because of the ascetics of the material but Whole Food's Green Mission of the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is parallel to Vetrazzo's. "Everyone around here strives to honor this (3 R's) golden rule of environmental stewardship". So it was only a natural choice to use Vetrazzo. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle .... WELL .... Vetrazzo begins with you! When youRECYCLE dispose of your glass bottles into your curbside recycling bin, it ends up at a facility where it is processed by color and glass type. Once sorted, it's crushed and packaged for companies like Vetrazzo to purchase for REUSE. We source all our glass from post-industrial glass sources and demolition sites to get an array of options for making slabs but ultimately REDUCING all that glass into landfills. Vetrazzo is also made in Tate, Ga reducing any carbon foot print the product may have.  

A beautiful dark Charisma Blue with Patina was chosen for the entire Whole Foods Market Coffee & Tea Bar area. As you can see (in the photo to the right), the slab is mostly made of brown beer bottles, a few green wine bottles and there is a hint of a rich blue color which is from Sky Vodka Bottles. To give the counter top a rich dark background a was a patina stain applied to the entire slab at the factory. 

Vetarzzo counter tops are made up of over 85 percent glass, mixed with cement, water, and other proprietary ingredients which makes it a very durable work surface especially in high traffic areas.
The next time you are in the Austin, Tx Whole Foods 
make sure to grab a cup of Coffee and take a look! 

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