Chihuly Garden and Glass & Vetrazzo

Wondering around the amazing city of Seattle, I stumbled arcoss the amazing Chihuly Garden and Glass art exhibit. Located at Seattle Center, Chihuly Garden and Glass is a new art experience showcasing the most significant works of internationally acclaimed artist, Dale Chihuly. Chihuly has created more than a dozen well-known series of works worldwide and is a true inspiration.
The exhibit was a whimsical, colorful display of interrogate glass sculptures. With all the stunning glass pieces, it was hard not to be reminded of VetrazzoEspecially, the #MilleFiori exhibit ... which was inspired by a "Thousand Flowers"; just like Vetrazzo's Millefiori color. 
So where does the glass for Vetrazzo's Millefiori come from? 
Their glass source is the world's largest art glass manufacturer and has patented a production process referred to as continuous ribbon, and what we know as stained glass. It connotes colorful ribbon candy and the rainbow of colors they produce is equally astounding. Rejects or over-runs of the glass give Millefiori its full bouquet and makes up beautiful Vetrazzo slabs.

Millefiori: "the sweet scent and dazzling colors of a hillside covered with wildflowers. For centuries, Italians have made glass in brilliant colors called Millefiori – "a thousand flowers." This mix captures that beauty with salvaged glass from a renowned art glassmaker" - Vetrazzo.