Message In A Bottle: Floor Made From Pennies Is Priceless

One of our new favorite blogs is Message In A Bottle. This blog is all about Vetrazzo recycled glass. Vetrazzo is made up a recycled beer bottles, wine bottles, Skky Vodka bottle, glass from a toren down building .... really any recycled glass! The blog has some great information and really cool projects. The project below is just one example! 

A hammered copper sink and Vetrazzo counter complement the floor of pennies in the bathroom of 
New Braunfels resident Doreen Fisher.
Photo: Tracy Hobson Lehmann / SA
Over the years we can seen some pretty unique and creative projects but this penny floor bathroom remodel in New Braunfels, Tx  was a first. We came across this story on www.mysanantonio.com and love how this remodel came together.  Doreen Fisher got the idea on facebook and when it was time for her bathroom remodel she went to the bank and got 10,000 pennies. After 20-40 hours of patience, time and labor of love her master piece floor was complete and on to the finishing touches. She choose a hammered copper sink which tied in nicely with the patina pennies and the Charisma Blue with Patina Vetrazzo counter top. The Charisma Blue with Patina was a perfect choice for fisher because the brown recycled beer bottle nicely compliment the cooper sink and floor. The hints of green from recycled wine bottles and the blue from the recycled Skky Vodka bottle in the counter top give the small space a little splash of color and really make the counter top stand out. From the floor to the counter top to the hammer copper there are so many great textures in this bathroom. Yes, visually there is a lot going on in this room but that is what makes it so fun, unique and one of our favorites! 

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