Sustainable Alegria Project- Austin, Tx: Black Soapstone

"Reduce/Reused/Recycle" ... June is Nation Recycling Month so it is only suitable we choose a Sustainable Smart Project as our Project of the MonthOn Sunday, June 3, Texas Solar Energy Society and Austin Energy Green Building will showcase this years BEST energy efficient design & sustainable building technology homes in Austin and The Alegria Project is one of the homes on the 16th Cool Home Tour. 
Eco-Savvy Builder Alex Pettitt, owner of Spring Builders carefully planned and thought through every detail of the Alegria Project.
The structure embodies the green building principle of cross and stack ventilation. And has a welcoming comfortable open design feeling. 
With help from interior designer Chelsea Brady, owner of Chelsea + Remy Design and architect Nick Mehl, the team collaborated the principals of smart design with environmental sustainability.

Simple clean lines and products were used throughout the home. As seen in the kitchen, they used Minas Black Soapstone for their countertops. Soapstone was a perfect fit because it has that clean matte finish look they were trying to achieve with all the benefits of a sustainable surface. Soapstone is naturally nonporous and does not require a sealer. Making it 100% chemical free and antimicrobial. 

The Alegra Project is just another example of how energy efficient design & sustainable building technology can beautiful. For more information about the Cool Homes Tour and The Alegria Project please visit the below links. 

Builder - Spring Builders
Interior Designer - Chelsea + Remy Design 
Architect - Nick Mehl Architects